How To Obtain Canada Permanent Residence Visa

You can find over 60 Canadian immigration pathways that cause permanent residence. Sometimes, confusion may arise as a result of proven fact that old programs might be closed, new programs reintroduced and modifications of existing programs may occur. This short article will answer the most popular questions and confusions about Canadian permanent residency.

Understanding Canadian Permanent Residency

A Canadian permanent resident is just a foreigner who's issued a lasting resident visa to be in in Canada permanently. Foreigners that are in Canada for a certain time frame such as for instance students, tourists, or workers aren't permanent residents.

Rights of a Canadian Permanent Resident

These would be the rights and privileges of permanent residents in Canada:


Are eligible to get social benefits like medical care coverage as Canadian citizens
Can study, work, or live anywhere in Canada
After residing in Canada for a specified time frame can apply for Canadian citizenship
Are protected underneath the Canadian law and the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedom

Responsibilities of Canadian Permanent Residents

As a lasting resident in Canada, you're obligated to respect regulations of the country. You might lose your status as a lasting resident if you should be convicted of a significant criminal offense.

Is Canadian Permanent Residency Renewable, if that's the case How and When?

The status of a Canadian permanent resident is indefinite unless the holder loses his / her status or apply for citizenship.

A holder may lose their status as a lasting resident when they fail to generally meet the obligations of residency. An obligate residency requirement is for a lasting resident in which to stay Canada for 730 days over a five year period. It's interesting to see that the obligate residency days could be acquired beyond Canada. To be able to accumulate the residency days beyond Canada, a lasting resident must:

be accompanied beyond Canada with a Canadian citizen who's their common-law partner or spouse, their parent or child;
be under full employment with a Canadian business or in the general public service of a province or federal public administrator;
be accompanying his / her spouse or common-law partner who's a lasting resident who's on full-time employment with a Canadian business or the general public service of a province.

Permanent Resident Card

A lasting resident card is an item of plastic which contains the holder's data. Obtaining a PR card is no obligate requirement, however, it's needed in the lack of a journey document to board an aircraft to Canada. The PR card may possibly not be an obligate requirement but having it is unquestionably convenient. 

May be the United States Green Card just like permanent residence?

“Canada Green Card” is just a figurative term used to spell it out Canadian permanent residence. The reason being the Green Card confirms the status of the holder to call home and work in the US.

However, there's a distinction involving the Canadian and American system of permanent immigration as explained by Attorney David Cohen “a Green Card issued in the US grants the holder permission to enter the country. On the other hand, permanent residence status in Canada grants the holder the proper to enter and live.

There's no such thing because the Canada Green Card he further explained. 
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