Canada Visa Application: Steps to Apply For Canada Visa

Canada Visa Application: Steps to Apply For Canada Visa

Canada is a very developed country and is found in North America. The nation comprises ten provinces and three territories that stretch from the Atlantic to the Pacific and northward to the Arctic Ocean.

Over time, Canada has turned into a global destination and tourist and job seekers. This really is evident in the robust economy and green lifestyle of just one of the very most diverse countries on earth.

Addressing Canada isn't a walk in the park, applicants have experienced their applications rejected and most still wonder how they could reach Canada.


This informative article will discuss the straightforward and effective steps to use for a Canada visa.

Understanding Canada Visa

A Canada visa is really a legal document issued by the Canadian government that enables a foreigner in which to stay the united states for a specified amount of time.

With regards to the visa issued, you are able to remain in Canada on a temporary or permanent basis. Until you are issued a visa to visit to Canada, the Canadian Embassy or Consulate at home country must decide your eligibility. However, despite being issued a visa, your entry into Canada at the Canadian border and Customs could be the prerogative of the immigration officer.

You is likely to be questioned by the Canadian Border Service Officer (BSO) and in the event that you truthfully and correctly answer the questions, you is likely to be granted entry into the united states or deny your entry regardless when you have a visa.

Not totally all visitors demand a visa to enter Canada, keep reading to learn in the event that you demand a visa.

Who Needs a Visa to Enter Canada

Depending on your own nationality, maybe you are exempted from finding a visa before entering Canada, however, visa-exempt nationals need Electronic Travel Authorization (eTA) at the port of entry.

If you're from these country, you will be needing a visa until you are allowed entry into Canada.(

The Types of Canada Visa

The first faltering step before a visa application is to understand which visa suits your immigration objectives. You can find two major visa categories; Temporary and Permanent visas.

Temporary Visas

The Canadian temporary visa is issued to foreigners who've demonstrated interest in which to stay Canada for a certain time period, which can be usually 6 months. The temporary visa may be either single or multiple entries.
These are categories beneath the temporary visas:

Super visa
Courtesy visa
Intending Organ Donor visa
Visitor visas
Student visa
Work visa

Permanent Visas

Whilst the name implies, the permanent visas are issued to foreigners who've satisfied all immigration objectives to be in in Canada permanently.

These are visa types beneath the permanent visa categories:

Immigrant investor program
Business Immigrant visa
Express Entry Visas
Startup visa program
Self-employed person visa
Quebec-Selected Skilled Worker Program (QSWP)
Family-Sponsorship program
Live-in Caregiver Program (LCP)

Steps to Apply For Canada Visa

The visa application is influenced by the sort of visa you're applying for, follow these simple steps to accomplish your visa application.

Step 1. Confirm Your Eligibility

The us government of Canada created an evaluation system that affirms if you should be eligible by filling out a questionnaire online. Depending on your own answer, the machine allow you to know your eligibility, and offer relevant instructions on satisfying the eligibility requirements.

Follow this link to gain access to the questionnaire ( and follow the onscreen instructions.

Step 2. Creating Your Online Account

You can find two ways you are able to apply for Canadian visa, either online or through the consulate or embassy at home country.
You can make your online account in two ways;
Making a Government of Canada login (GCKey)
Creating an account utilising the online banking login.

Step 3. Get Your Documents Ready

You can begin your application by logging in. Start the visa application you've been deemed eligible by entering the reference code. The reference code will populate a listing of required documents for the application.
Once you've uploaded all the mandatory documents, you are able to go to submit the application.

Step 4. Pay the Required Fees

After the submitted documents are verified by the machine, you is likely to be redirected to a payment page where you can make payment. The fees vary with regards to the form of visa you're applying for. Your application is likely to be submitted when the payment has been confirmed.

Your application status might take as much as 5 working days to think on your account. However, if you should be applying personally, you have to submit the mandatory documents to the Canadian consulate at home country.

Step 5. Processing Time

With regards to the form of visa you're applying for, the processing time might take as much as several weeks. Additional documents might be required as of this stage or you can be asked to supply biometrics or attend an interview.

If you're invited for an interview, you must make an appointment or the date might be chosen for you personally by the Embassy. Through the interview, you is likely to be asked specific questions, maybe you are asked to submit fingerprints and photographs.

The end result will determine whether you is likely to be issued a visa or not, you may be notified of your choice immediately or a notice is likely to be provided for you.

You are able to check the progress of one's application on your own dashboard online. 

Step 6. Submitting Passport and Pay the Processing Fees

If you get a notice of a fruitful visa application, you is likely to be needed to submit your passport to the Embassy at home country, and pay the processing fees, the fee is influenced by the sort of visa you're applying for and the fee could vary from $20 to $50.

Upon a fruitful Canadian visa application, you're issued a visa, however, at the purpose of entry, you is likely to be asked questions by the immigration officials and if they're satisfied, you is likely to be permitted to enter Canada. 
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