ZarFund + Bitcoin: Become a Millionaire in Weeks no Scam

There is a new opportunity I just found out and I wanna let you know about. It is call ZarFund.

With ZarFund, you can become a Billionaire within a Month.  But before we continue, let me tell you about Bitcoin because that's what you would need in the platform.

We will cover the basics of bitcoin, what this program is about and how to get started. So, fasten your seat belt as we begin the ride.

What is Bitcoin? 

Bitcoin is a cryptocurrency (simply put, a digital currency). Bitcoin was developed in 2009 and since then has grown to become very popular and the most successful cryptocurrencies in the world today.

Bitcoin isn't owned by anyone neither does any government have jurisdiction over it hence why most people prefer it in the digital world is because of its anonymous nature. Unlike other normal currencies in the world, bitcoin is generated via a process called mining.

One of the most common ways of earning bitcoin is via mining which I mentioned earlier.

Mining involves using hardware or software to generate bitcoin. They're are devices and softwares available specifically for this purpose and they cost a lot and mining a bitcoin successfully is very difficult, it could take a month or two to successfully mine one and it gets even harder with each successful mining.

The other way of earning bitcoin is via bitcoin faucet, these are sites that allow you to claim Satoshi after completing a task. Only a handful of them are genuine though as majority of them are fake. Claiming from faucet is mostly a waste of time as they tend to pay between 10,000 to 50,000 Satoshi. Remember 100,000,000 Satoshi makes a bitcoin so you can imagine how long it would take to even see 0.1 bitcoin.

The other one is via trading like forex trading, which I guess is self explanatory.

Since bitcoin is just like every other currency albeit digital, you need where to store your bitcoins, same way you have your bank account to save your money.

To store bitcoin, you need a storage called a bitcoin wallet. A wallet is where your bitcoins are stored and is easily accessible to you anywhere in the World, whether you are in China, Russia or Nigeria, you can easily access your wallet and sell the bitcoins there in exchange for the currency of that country. Isn't this amazing?

There are different bitcoin wallet providers.

To get a bitcoin wallet, sign up for one free at as without the wallet, you can't receive, send and store up bitcoins. You can also search for Blockchain Wallet on your playstore or Apple store and download.

Now, after signing up for your bitcoin wallet, there are some things to note.

1. Your wallet ID is what you use to login to your bitcoin wallet, you can find the ID at the bottom of the confirmation mail sent to you by blockchain. It's a long string of alphanumeric characters but has hyphens in between them.

2. Your bitcoin wallet is only accessible to you, make sure to safeguard your ID and password as you would your Credit or debit card.

3. Your wallet address is what you use to receive funds to your bitcoin wallet, it's sort of like your bank account number and it's unique to only you. To generate your wallet address, login to your wallet and click on the receive button a long string of alphanumeric characters will be generated for you. Each wallet address begins with 1 and like I said,  that's what you provide to whoever wants to sendbitcoin to you.

Before proceeding, I would love you to sign up for a bitcoin wallet if you don't have one.

The Url is

If you are registering for your wallet now please,  make use of the latest version of Chrome browser or UcBrowser if you're on mobile. 

Have you done that? Congratulations! Now, let's continue.

You click on the receive button to see your wallet address. Note: Your uniqueidentifier which serves as your username will be sent to your mail box.  Please keep all these safe.

Well, if you haven't,  it's okay. You can always sign up for a bitcoin wallet later . So I will continue.

Let's unveil the awesome program that trumps other bitcoin earning models.

The program is called Zarfund, you can research on this later.

Zarfund is simply a person to person direct donation platform. And No! It's not like MMM.

Zarfund uses a 2x6 matrix system which means that participants start out with a maximum of 2 referrals and progress through 6 different levels in the program.

I know when you hear referral, you might wanna back off but please, finish reading. You won't regret this.

To get started, you need 0.03 btc($19) or about 8100 Naira, for the two referrals. I'm coming to that. Okay?

Participants on Zarfund don't act in isolation, they're all part of a team to help each other grow and that's why you're here.

One of the selling points of Zarfund is that the participants donate willinglydirectly to each other's wallet so no single funds goes through Zarfund, the platform is only there for accountability.

Note: The amount you need at the moment is around N9000. Dollar keeps changing in price.

The program offers the opportunity to earn a potential 128 bitcoins and is very attainable only if you are dedicated and determined to take the opportunity.

Let me briefly explain how the system works.

Once you sign up with the program, you are placed on level zero and have a maximum number of 48 hours to upgrade to level 1 or you get deleted from the system. Don't worry, you can register again.

To upgrade to level 1, you need to donate 0.03 btc to your upline and once confirmed, you will be automatically upgraded to level 1 which makes you eligible to refer and receive donations from people.

Once you get your two downlines and each of them donate their 0.03 btc to you, you will have a total of 0.06 btc in your wallet. To get to level 2, you donate 0.05 from the 0.06 to your upline and a profit of 0.01 btc which is about 2400 remains.

On level two, you are now eligible to receive 0.05 donations from 4 downlines so that you have a total of 0.2 btc once donations are completed, you upgrade to level 3 with 0.1 btc and you're left with a profit of 0.1 btc in your wallet which is equivalent to about 24,000 Naira.

On level 3, you are eligible to receive 0.1 btc from 8 people, this totals 0.8 btc once donations are completed. You upgrade to level 4 with 0.2 btc so that you are left with a gain of 0.6 btc which is equivalent to about 200k Naira.

On level 4, you are eligible to receive 0.2 btc from 16 people so that you have a total of 3.2 btc, you upgrade with 1 btc and the remainder 2.2 btc is your profit which is about 500k Naira.

Let me add pictures for a better illustration and I hope you get how the system works?

Again, if you are registering for your wallet now please,  make use of the latest version of Chrome browser or UcBrowser if you're on mobile.

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Now to the issue of getting referrals.  You only need to refer a maximum of 2 people which is not very hard. Everyone is naturally interested in any money making opportunity because we all need money, that's the reason we are all here.

Even if you can't get your immediate friends to join, I'm sure we are all part of one social network or another, show them this amazing bitcoin earning model, and even if you can't convince them, I have provided at the end of this post. We hold Seminar on almost a daily basis so they can learn more about the program.

If after trying everything above and you still can't get people to join(which is nearly impossible), this program has got you covered as it was designed with that in mind, that's why the program features a spillover system.

Since each participant is allowed to have only a maximum referrals, you get to benefit from spillovers from the uplines like me and the rest of the the team members on level 2+ as we have already got our two referrals already. So, anyone signing up using the group link  will go to those yet to get referrals.

But it doesn't mean you shouldn't try to get people to join. As we the uplines are working hard to make sure everyone gets downlines, you should try as much as possible to play your own part in getting people in. It's basically teamwork, we helping each other succeed and growing faster.


1) Investment is only $20
2) You only need to refer 2 people
3) Earning is huge... 164 btc (Cumulative)
4) $20 is not a big figure but 164 btc is a huge huge amount.
5) If you invest in helping plans you need to wait for at least  1 month yet you are not sure if your money will return or not
(Not talking of MMM).
6) No fear of loosing your invested capital of $20
7) There is no admin whom you are paying to and no administrative charges.
8) Here, you only pay to your sponsor not to the system or  to any admin. Hence there  is no basis for scam.
9) Payment is directly person to person.
10) No doubt, you will definitely get your capital of $20 back and much more.

Zarfund is a golden opportunity don't miss it!

Note : Please ensure you have a bitcoin wallet with funded with 0.03 btc  as you have only 48 hours to pay once you have signed up and you are only required to enroll 2 people here.

#Come join our team. 

Our strategy is mind blowing. We use  a style that would help the weak team member who might not be able to refer people.

We would use the spill over effect inbuilt on the platform to the best advantage of every member. Hence we shall get to the destination right on time.

@ stage 5 you get 32BTC = ₦9,000,000
@ stage 6 you get 128 BTC = ?

I leave you to do the maths.

Guess what , this can happen in a few weeks.

Income Pay Plan:
🎯1•Level  2 x 0.03 = get 0.06btc
🎯2•Level 4 x 0.05 = get 0.20btc
🎯3•Level  8 x 0.10 = get 0.80btc
🎯4•Level 16 x 0.20 = get 3.20btc
🎯5.Level 32 x 1.0 = get 32btc
🎯6•Level  64 x 2.0 = get 128 btc

You wanna learn how to upgrade to the next stage on Zarfund and How to make payment? 
Watch the Video Below:

When you join our team, you would be given a link to register and you start growing automatically.

If you have bitcoin and ready to join Zarfund, Please Register Here

NOTE: If you don't know about bitcoin, or don't have bitcoin...... Please contact me on Whatsapp here 08101085897 before registration
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