How To Refer and Register Someone To Zarfund

Please, Before you give out your Zarfund referral link. Make sure your downlines have

1. Created a bitcoin Wallet 
2. Funded it with 0.0304 BTC 
3. Then give them your link

a. Let him/her go to and create a Wallet  (How To Create Bitcoin Wallet on

b. Fund the wallet with 0.0304 btc (You can buy bitcoin online or from your upline)

c. Register on Zarfund (How To Join Zarfund)

d. Add bitcoin Wallet Address to Zarfund ( How To Get Your Blockchain Bitcoin Wallet Address  and  How To Add Your Blockchain Bitcoin Wallet Address to Your Zarfund )

e. Upgrade Your Zarfund (How to Upgrade Your Zarfund Account)

f. Copy Your Referral Link
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