Government acts to improve road safety by closing mobile phone loophole

The government has confirmed it'll shut a legal loophole that has allowed drivers to flee prosecution for hand-held itinerant use whereas behind the wheel.

Transport Secretary Grant Shapps these days (1st of November 2019) proclaimed that he can desperately take forward a review to constrain the present law preventing hand-held mobile use whereas driving.

At present, the law prevents drivers from employing a hand-held itinerant to decision or text. However, individuals caught cinematography or taking photos whereas driving have at large penalty as lawyers have with success argued this activity doesn't work into the ‘interactive communication’ presently illicit by the legislation.

The revised legislation can mean any driver caught texting, taking photos, browsing the net or scrolling through a listing whereas behind the wheel are prosecuted for employing a hand-held itinerant whereas driving.

Grant Shapps, Transport Secretary said:

We recognise that staying in-tuned with the planet whereas travel is a necessary a part of modern-day life however we tend to also are committed to creating our roads safe.

Drivers World Health Organization use a hand-held itinerant ar impeding their ability to identify hazards and react in time – swing people’s lives in danger.

We welcome the Transport choose Committee’s report, and share their drive to create our roads even safer that is why this review can look to constrain the present law to bring it into the twenty first century, preventing reckless driving and cut back accidents on our roads.

It is already a criminal offence to use a phone whereas driving while not a hands-free device. This latest move can see the govt. go additional to confirm the law reflects the employment of devices that enable different distracting activities.

The impact of this behaviour is well-tried – if a driver appearance at their phone for simply a pair of seconds once travel at thirty miles per hour, whether or not to reply to a message or send a fast snap, they're going to travel one hundred feet blind, drastically increasing the possibility of AN accident.

The review are desperately taken forward with additional proposals expected to be in situ by next spring, creating the offence clearer for drivers and police forces.

Nick Lloyd, Head of Road Safety at the honorary society for the bar of Accidents said:

Drivers World Health Organization use their phones ar up to four times a lot of seemingly to crash. RoSPA highlighted this loophole within the summer and is delighted that such prompt action is being taken to confirm that every one hand-held itinerant use is to be prohibited, creating our roads safer for all.

This action comes aboard additional measures to tackle phone use whereas driving, as well as a review of road traffic policing and wider traffic social control to seem at however roads policing presently works, its effectiveness, and wherever enhancements may well be created.

While ministers have conjointly proclaimed that they're going to think about this penalties in situ for hand-held itinerant use, there are not any plans to ban hands-free phone use.

Anthony Bangham, National Police Chiefs Council Lead for Roads Policing, police chief said:

I welcome the government’s announcement to review the law during this space.

Technology has captive on since the first offence was introduced and it’s necessary to confirm any distraction to a driver is unbroken to an absolute minimum to stay all road users as safe as doable.

The government conjointly targets distracted drivers by difficult the attitudes, behaviours and social factors that cause accidents in its victory THINK! campaigns.

These ar the newest steps taken by the govt. to boost road safety following the launch of the Road Safety Action set up earlier this year, that launched over seventy measures to scale back the amount of individuals killed and scraped on roads round the country.