Google Pixel Watch could have a camera in an unexpected place

Technology is moving towards advancement each moment. good news for people who are genuinely in love with technology.                                                                                                                      
This point Google pixel goes to place some new ideas into their devices. they're aiming to provide a camera to their smartwatches. they're aiming to place a small lens.
So this can permit capturing some shots with the assistance of your smartwatch (is it not cool?) though this can excite many people for having a camera in their hands! presently, Google is functioning on three totally different watches; Triton, Sardine, and Ling. it is acting on everything styles and sizes (although the news is reported too).
But Google is ready to offer to lure deal to the users in order that nobody will say no to it. it's said Google watches are becoming its inspiration from the Samsung smartwatches as Samsung watches are spherical, thus Google has conjointly created identical with 320 * 320 pixels resolution.
The Qualcomm snapdragon 31000 processor powers the merchandise of Google, and these specially designed for the compact devices. the most catchword of this device was to offer most battery life because it can set users free from charging their watches varied times.
On the opposite hand, if users take their Smartphone outside even at their offices. also then they'll be free from the thought of charging their watches each hour. With time Google has developed and additional so many features. currently it's within the method of adding a lot of options camera is that the latest one.
Sometimes it happens folks like to have a camera not simply in their phones however also in alternative devices. Google has sorted out this issue with its new camera feature. thus people who love clicking photos and loves capturing moments, this can be simply the proper device to possess their aspect.
As it is Google, thus it is aware of a way to maintain its dignity and quality, thus Google isn't aiming to compromise with the standard of the camera. If you've got a camera in your smartwatch, you'll be able to click as several photos as your heart needs.
The size of the camera are little, however the standard of clicking photos are incomparable , thus one doesn't got to worry regarding its quality factor. Users might absolutely fancy their form of camera and aggregation some sensible shots.