Apple made a big change to the Apple Watch 5 battery

The Apple Watch Series five has multiple delicate enhancements over its predecessors, together with a touch case for its battery.                                                                                                                  
The unique design may be a 1st for the series, however it could be the quality for the watches for a few time.

Tech repair website iFixit on weekday uploaded its latest teardown video, that includes the 40mm Apple Watch Series 5. What it saw once dismemberment the watch is that the battery has its own metal casing not found in previous watches or maybe the 44mm model.
In most devices, the lithium-ion batteries area unit sometimes placed in an exceedingly black pouch with a connecting wire. The 40mm Apple Watch Series five metal casing has the battery within its rectangle form.
The probably get pleasure from this metal casing is a rise in battery size, or so 100%, and higher protection, in keeping with iFixit. This Apple patent additionally suggests that future watches using the metal casing could also be screwed in instead of affixed in, leaving easier repairs.

It's unclear why Apple did not use the new case within the larger 44mm Apple Watch Series five or whether or not this design are a part of the Apple Watch Series 6 next year.
Apple did not straightaway reply to a call for participation for comment.